Friday, November 21, 2014

The Divorce Papers by Susan Rieger - Book Review

Title: The Divorce Papers
Author: Susan Rieger
Publisher: Crown 
Pages: 271

This is a review of a Digital Reading Copy from Random House.

Story Brief

The plot follows the 'adventure' of Sophie Diehl, a criminal suit lawyer, who gets assigned to a divorce case due to a freak set of coincidences. She tries to put up with a category of defence she loathes representing and learns a dozen lessons along the way.

There are many characters moving in and out and they all correspond with each other via letters. 


This book took me by surprise. I started out liking the epistolary format, then the legal jargon began to flow and actual legal citations appeared and I knew this one was going to be a snooze fest I'd chuck any minute now. Before I knew it, I'd read through to the end! Where did I miss my exit?

Granted, Sophie's correspondences, relationships and parent problems bordered on annoying and boring a lot of the time, but somewhere, somehow this book managed to grow on me. There were definitely multiple instances that interested me very much; the plot and narration were thankfully straightforward and pleasant on my reading mind. Nothing left to say except, I thought this was a breezy read, definitely tolerable for a single run through. 



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