Sunday, December 9, 2012

If Only...

            The suffocation in my chest threatens to force me into seeking out the next park bench if not this one. I relent. My totebag now lies sprawled, unorthodox next to me as I try to find my way back to the present. I am not myself and I know it. It is but only logical to feel that way when the full force of heartbreak hits you. My mind tries to wrap itself around the fact that he is gone and where he is supposed to be, on the couch next to me, sits now, only a pillow. I leave it there to convince myself that fancy interior decoration is a placebo against the feeling of loss.

            My breath comes only in labored bouts and even amidst all the hurt, a short laugh escapes me.  There’s an undoubted ecstasy that remains distilled from the agony of lost love and at that moment, I understand the brilliant duality of it. It is just me now, having been sentenced to a blight of loneliness unasked. How long it would be before my condition matures into solitude, I do not know. Right now, I do not even know how my next moment of existence will play out or how I am going to pummel those pangs of disappointment that lie in wait for me. No more flowers in the morning. No more scribbled love notes. No more waiting to have him pick me up after work. No more late night conversations, no more pointless squabbles, apologies or any of those kisses that send my neurons into overdrive.

            I understand the consequences and I am already accosted with the pain. I can get my tears to stop eventually if only I can find them the answer to one question.
Who is this man whose memory that my tears wish to baptize? Whose apparent let down my heart has cartered in and is now mourning without bothering to enlighten me? Where was I when he loved me and why am I here now when I should be running after him crying, stop?

           What does he look like, this force that is making me lose control, making me question my dreams and my sanity? I looked around wildly, worry lines crawling on my face, where once happiness boarded. Is he around somewhere here? Should I go about placing a hand on each shoulder until I find the pair of eyes I am supposed to be looking into? Or, is this the other side of a blackhole, the dark side of a wrong choice? For a moment, I feel terrible and a little sob manages to escape my crude hunt for light.

           The park suddenly seems like the loneliest latitude you could locate, even though life dulls away normally around me. I gaze once again into the distance in a final attempt at identifying the source of my romantic sorrow. Is this what true love can do to you? Can two people reach out to each other across time and space? Did I accidentally overdose on something?\

           ‘Talk to me, atleast tell me who you are’, I ask him in my head. I almost expect a response, only lesser than a sharp twitch of lightening in the horizon and even lesser, the early symptom of mental disease.

            And then I stand up and sling my totebag over my shoulder. ‘Well,’ I say, to no one in particular. I walk away into my reality which seems distorted since my last time being in it.

            If I could atleast know who he was.

           Or, is…

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wrong Means Right End - Book Review

            Two years ago, I caught a friend of mine laughing over a book called ‘Right Fit Wrong Shoe. I was naturally intrigued and joined the queue waiting to borrow the copy. As luck had it, the copy never made it to me and the book slipped into my ‘Someday’ pile. So, when a chance to review Wrong Means Right End’ by the same author came by, I literally jumped at it! Now I know why my friends loved the other book.

            Varsha Dixit’s third book overall, and second book in the Wrong-Right series, ‘Wrong Means Right End’ is a humor fest, thanks to Sneha, the female protagonist. Every page draws out a few giggles, a grin or outright laughter. The book comes packed with fun and narrates a simple story of love, vengeance and friendship.

            The story kicks off with Sneha being set up on a string of blind dates by her best friend Nandini, who thanks to her affection for the former does not hesitate to meddle in affairs. Sneha endures the experience rather than enjoy it because she is a single parent and happily divorced. The takes that go back and forth between these two women is giggle-worthy and enjoyable.

            The plot takes a turn when Nikhil Chandel, an acquaintance from the past emerges and sparks fly between him and Sneha. The duo also manage to successfully loathe each other adding to the chemistry. An evil-minded Mona enters the fray and befriends the gullible Nandini, only to sow some distance between the two best friends. Mona’s larger scheme is to bring in Gayatri who happens to be the one Aditya, Nandini’s husband breaks up with, when he previously fell in love with Nandini.

            Amidst all the plotting, Sneha and Nandini meddle in each other’s lives to fish the other out of trouble and the former manages to find love with Nikhil. Just when things seem to be coming together, they go to pieces. In the last few chapters, you find out if at all, Sneha manages to put things back in her favour.

What worked for me:

- For the major part, humor that forms the backbone of the narration and outlines Sneha’s character which Is well drawn out.
- The silly words that Sneha and Nandini use to replace swear words so that Sneha’s toddler son won’t pick up bad language.Funny and ingenious!
- The chemistry between Nkihil and Sneha that adds a lot of steam to the narration. At a few points, I felt it was a tad too much but towards the end, it was all tied up neatly so I am not complaining.
- The chapter titles that borrow a phrase from somewhere within the chapter.

What did not work for me:

- Grammatical and spelling errors at quite many points within the book was a huge turn off.
- A few instances sounded clich├ęd. Like Sneha’s son calling Nikhil ‘Dad’ out of the blue.


Wrong Means Right End is an enjoyable read, one time, if you are not a big fan of chick-lit. Pick up this book if you are in the mood for a good laugh and simple story that you can relate to. If you are a woman, draw up a bath and pull out a bottle of champagne.
I am now going to find a copy of Right Fit Wrong Shoe.

Rating: 3.5/5

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