Monday, March 26, 2012

A letter of request


       Non smokers



Sub:  Stop

Respected Sir/ Madam,      

       On behalf of all the non-smokers out here, I would like to request you to stop the carnage. Atleast take it away from us. I very respectfully accept your need to draft your own slow death methodology and indulge systematically in a dozen calculated puffs everyday. It is your right, what you do with your life. It is your choice to willingly accept the fact that one of these days you will bravely walk the corridors of a hospital with your cancer diagnosis in hand. You decided to smoke today because you have not a care in the world, you can afford to let your worries, tension and the need to project a cool personality, get to you and make you relax from the whiff of tobacco swirling around your nose. You are brave because you decided to smoke inspite of the fact that one day you might wake up and fall in love, only to discover you don’t have long to live. We look at you in awe and wonder.    

        Most of you are young intelligent students, or working professionals drawing a heavy salary so I hope I am right in assuming your genius minds can come up with some idea to stop your precious smoke from reaching us, the non-cool folks. A helmet maybe? That way, you get to maximize on the amount of smoke as well! Wouldn't it be worth every penny that you burnt off from the month's spending budget? I am sure this would be as simple as lighting a fag, because you have a good educational background and all those foreign and local author books in the library must atleast carry some tricks to build a contraption of that nature.      
        You ask us rightly why we make such a fuss and point out that all of us are going to end up in the dirt someday. We non-smokers are a bunch of cowards, wanting a healthy life to share, healthy anatomy and psyche to offer to loved ones. We already have too much on our plates, fighting to stay alive amidst recession, pollution, COPD alerts and lack of common sense. It is therefore a request, from all of us, to please stop adding a hundred extra carcinogens to our worry list. December 2012 already ranks as our greatest headache, for we wonder if we would have enough time to do what we have to do, love people that love us and make peace with things we can't complete. We chose the hard non-smoking way, over slow suicide. Forgive us, but our time already is limited and I pray you don't make it shorter than it already is. We are married to you, we are your parents, we are your kids and we are your lovers. Have some mercy. We are a bunch of selfish cowards you see.  

Thanking you,
A passive smoker

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