Saturday, February 25, 2012

Love brew!

They say love is blind and I agree,
Because my love for you isn't based on what I can see,

You and I are honestly made for each other,
You are the one I seek, however changes the weather,

It is hard to believe I only chanced upon you,
Right at the head of a long winding queue,

I seek you after a low, I seek you after a fight,
Instantly you cheer me, sometimes strong, sometimes light,

I never imagined I'd let someone rule my heart,
Of me, you've become an inseparable part,

You can be bitter as much as sweet,
You make me realize love is a two way street,

My love for you is addictive,
The crowd that falls for your charm is but only predictive,

I know your love for me is not exclusive,
With so much attention, you do tend to grow elusive,

But you care and I understand,
That's what love is all about, I grant,

From my stress you set me free, 
My dear beloved cup of filter coffee!

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