Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A note of gratitude

From a well timed piece of appreciation to a much needed reprimand I've had them all. And today I cannot imagine being what I am without all that love and attention. From inspiration to outright awe they've provided everything to me and I am one of the luckiest of students around to have studied under the best of them. 

The only perk to have moved constantly and been in about 7 different schools, not to mention 3 colleges is that I've had the privilege of knowing and being guided by some of the most amazing teachers. And not surprisingly the majority of lessons that I learnt were'nt part of the prescribed academic syllabus. When there was one that wiped my tears as I watched my mom walk away after dropping me in kindergarten class, there was another who let me sit on her lap while she marked attendance for music class! Then came the one that kept her promise of a piece of chocolate if I remained silent for a whole hour ( oh I was a blabbermouth :) ) and one that encouraged us to aim for the top ranks in class with a gift of different colored pens for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I bagged one everytime! 

From little gestures to life changing ones they've provided them all. Like that fantastic English teacher who inspired and instilled a love for the language in me or that Biology teacher who still remains my 1st and irreplacable reason for a life long love towards the subject or that PT teacher with his guitar who is the reason I love christmas and carols! The math teacher who doubled up as our class teacher and always knew he could trace any prank to me, the geography teacher who felt I would do better at karagattam than kolattam (we won a competition later!), Sisters that trusted me with the lead in choirs, one ultimately sweet Father that fondly called me 'maamiyar' after a role in a play that earned me much acclaim, those teachers who stayed behind late at night in school with me waiting for my dad to pick me up after a cultural fest and PT and music masters with a sense of humor. 

From sweet encouragements to harsh realities they offered me everything when they trusted it would help me grow. That English teacher, a universal favorite, who scribbled tiny notes of appreciation in the margin of my essays but wisely advised me to keep it strictly simple in the common exams (I still have those essays with the remarks in red ink :) ), that class teacher who tried so hard to control her laughter at the rehearals to our play, that Botany teacher who pulled me into arguments on the subject to make me learn a lot more, that brilliant teacher at the coaching centre who is an icon for sincerity and humility,that English professor who believed I had it in me to make a speech when I myself didn't ( I won 1st prize!!!), that professor who was an encyclopedia of all that is cool and down to earth at the same time and that other professor who proved a teacher can also be a great friend! 

These personalities and many more that I recall with respect and admiration are the ones credited to having chiselled out whatever good one might find in me. They knew me for who I am, put up with my pranks, cheered me during highs and held my hand through lows, invested trust in me and brought out talents even I didn't know I was capable of! These were not mere chalk and board teachers, but ones that taught in the real sense of the word, touched many a heart and continues to live in the memories of every other student like me, lucky enough to have studied under them. To all of them : THANK YOU! I just hope my kids are as lucky as I was :)

P.S : A few teachers I wish I still were in touch with...thank you:
Padmam ma'm - for those colorful pens
Richard sir - for the wondrous language they call English...and for giving me a centum in reading :) 
Priyadharshini ma'm - for stepping in on that one biology class, explaining the nervous system in your own style and making me fall in love with biology!
Mrs. Leo - for all those wonderful choir sessions and trips to Rex matric :) 
Mrs. Pamela - for being the sweetest class teacher. who knew moral science could be fun!!!
Irudhayaraj sir - for being the sweetest math teacher...and a great singer! 'Raja raja chozhan naan' always reminds me of you sir :)
All staff, Sisters, Brothers and Father at St. Joseph's Acharapakkam - this will always remain my Alma Mater
Arul sir - for teaching us how to draw the perfect circle :) if I could cultivate 1% of your sincerity and dedication I would consider it an achievement!

Happy Teachers day!!!  :)

image courtesy : http://www.educator.com/news/the-future-of-teach-for-america/