Thursday, April 28, 2011

Saving Private Ryan

I’ve had this movie for a very long time now and finally pulled myself to watching it yesterday. It led to a self-inflicted slap imprint on my left cheek for unforgivable procrastination on my part with regard to the movie. I knew nothing about it except a little about the stellar cast and the background of a war. Two minutes into the movie I was mighty impressed with the direction and wondered who could’ve brought such arresting visuals and emotion onto the screen. Wikipedia informed me it was none less than Steven Spielberg and my right cheek now bears an imprint to match the left for not having guessed such an obvious bummer.

I understood there is definitely something that sets apart some actors and directors from the rest. Don’t ask me what it is because I would be at a loss to explain what only goes by as a fuzzy logic realization in my mind I can only feel. But there is something for sure. Because this bunch of actors on screen led on by one of the greatest directors ever, work some kind of magic that manages to both romanticize and criticize war, endear a group of rugged soldiers that walk around like titans sporting a gun only to cry out “Mama” going down and put you in a position where you decide with a character on the fate of another and question your choice when you lose a friend.

Saving Private Ryan is a WWII movie that has 8 soldiers (so many of them that I simply love – Edward Burns, Giovanni Ribisi, Vin Diesel, Adam Goldberg,) led by Tom Hank’s character on an assignment to find one Ryan played by Matt Damon, who vehemently refuses to desert his troops inspite of having lost all three of his brothers to the war and is the only consolation to his aged mother. The setting and scenes are so sincere, I had to remind myself that I wasn’t fighting with the Allied forces and couldn’t punch one nasty German bloke in the nose without causing considerable damage to my already ailing monitor.

Movies like these are one of a kind. There is no conclusion to be reached. Only emotions to be felt; ones that run deep and make you shed a couple of tears, frustrated at why the human race continues to justify war, something in my opinion you can never do.

As for the movie it is an all time classic -  brilliant performances from all men, big roles and small,  a surviving reminder of what Spielberg can deliver apart from giant carnivores lumbering around a recreation park; creatures that look far less terrorizing in front of power hungry human leaders wielding weapons where their hearts should be.

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  1. I am die hard world war fan... and this is one of all time favs... If you loved this... then try watching the "Band of Brothers" HBO mini-series... by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg...