Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When Summer Next comes

Walking along the wet road
I am dull and totally bored
The clouds above are in dark mode
The dragon flies are out and so is the toad

I think of the season that flew by
Summer Now so dusty and so dry
A season that brought me joy and with it change
And sorrow too of a different type and a different range

Summer Past was long but fast
It was she who helped me find myself at last
She came loaded with fun rife
And change she did a huge part of my life

And then came winter with his cold
Thrusting me into a hard and difficult mould
For the person I was, a go-getter
He proved to me summer's choice could've been better

My head reeled under pressure
Too much was expected here even when I was a fresher
People convinced me life after graduation was a bottle of coke
But here a large part of it was a cruel joke!

It was summer now who bought me time
A whole month for me to call mine
She made me see the pink side of things
So happy was the part of me that sings!

Summer Now brought me with the challenge face to face
Of having to survive a tough task with intelligence and grace
She brought in work for both my body and mind
Loving she was but with experience not so kind

With her I learnt to ask for what I need
Of how things flow and change with every tiny deed
I leanrt to draw on my canvas and paint it too
And thats why my future looks so pretty and has a pleasant hue

Now two summers have gone by
Since I decided to fly from home high
The draft is ready to flow in
And am trying to stay afloat and away from the din

I look to the skies and am hopeful
The days will once again become breezy and soulful
For that time draws near
When Summer Next will be here

With summer next I will get my freedom
And work my way up to stardom
I will close chapters on life on my own
And maybe start hunting for a drone!

With Summer Next my music will grow
Inside me and through a guitar it will flow
And with a vengeance I will sweat my brow
To shape myself up and earn back my glow

With summer next my pen will scribble
From the dams of my heart in a steady dribble
What colors I found all along
Who I am and where I belong

With summer next I will be bound no more
I will not let myself land again anywhere sore
Away from fibres, spheres and pore
I will hunt for my yelp and my roar

So there she is Summer Next
Growing in my heart and in text
Sowing seeds of happiness and hope
Like does on christmas night the Pope

Now is what I have
Then is what I had
I wait patiently with drums
To sing my own anthem when Summer Next comes!