Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Being Homo sapiens

I've heard my buddies sigh at the fact that they are stuck being human with a lotta responsibilities to shoulder and dozens of chores to do each day. 

They would look at cows on the road grazing away lazily, birds on the trees singing and pruning themselves and go 'wow! look at them...not a care in the world! wish life was so easy'. From their point of view - you did'nt have to wake up every morning to go to school or college or work, no boring lectures, terrible assignments, dreary project work, sick boss, lousy timetables, powercuts, relationships, heartbreaks and on and on...

I cant help but smile when I see that they dont understand the irony they are sighing about! Because I feel pity when I see a cow out of my window and know that all she does in a day is eat, sleep, feed her calf, supply milk and poop! While I wake up to a hectic schedule everyday, go through a mileu of emotions, sleep in boring classes, chat with friends online, eat a horde of stuff apart from my lunch box, listen to my favourite songs, fight with my best friend, attend birthday parties and dance in sleepovers. and when am done I wake up to yet another bizarre day! 

That is a huge gift you wouldnt appreciate unless you were a cow or a bird looking at you and going 'sigh...these humans...they have so much to do rather than just wake up early, dodge a bunch of predators, hunt all morning for food, listen to these male birds singing crap to get me to choose one of them, hunt for evening food, find a nest to hide from owls at night and wake up tomorrow if am alive to another equally boring day...unless am the lead charcater in some Indian author kids book! I have a hard time!

Life is a big blessing. Am not a preacher. No prizes for guessing which of those schedules above sounds fun. Am glad am human and get to enjoy all that I have...well..a pair of wings would help get to college faster happy..just the way I am :)

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  1. :-)...for few grass on the other side is always greener, and few like us find life so interesting and make the most outta it....