Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Ok...this is serious : there's something called 'poke' on FaceBook....a crude version of the old 'saami kanna kuthum' technique...except that you use an online network to deliver an electronic pokey illusion...I wanted to try it...it goes like this:

you click on someone's profile

there's the Poke X icon

you click on it

thats when you recieve the most threatening message you could ever have faced : You are about to poke X..he will be informed about this on his homepage

Things around me started to go into slow motion...my past flashed before my eyes...I felt like a warrior on the Indo-Kargil border about to make a decision that would change my life!

With a nervous trembling finger I hit poke



I thought something huge would happen with smileys and graphical images appearing all over my screen...my id getting blocked by my college server...and I was gearing up for the worst...

There was a prompt on my screen

You have successfully poked X

That's it??

Not even an OUCH???


Whats the point of the whole poke idea?? vetti 1 telling vetti 2 that am vettier than you are at this instant???

Now I wonder : 1) why did a dozen friends torture me into joining FB a congested version of orkut??

2) why did I accept the invites?? :P

3) why am I a regular now??

Well my 'realization' pretty much answers question 3...coming to think of it now...one sweet cousin of mine put me up to it...for some reason long forgotten...scrabble I guess...(dont worry you still are one of my favourite cousins! :P)

P.S - 1: as with the step by step poke experience...if you can put up with something as @#@^%$# as poke, you wld infact call the instructions intellectual

P.S - 2: the finger image that appears for poke is distantly funny....

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