Monday, March 15, 2010

The Green Water bottle

                      After an hour of roaming in the streets a little after noon last week, I came home visibly tanned and perfectly cooked like a sausage in a microwave. My eyes were taking their own time to adjust out of the bright sunlight and I was sweating enough to supply the Cauvery delta with salt water. The cap I wore was steaming and the ceiling fans were on a vow of slow-motion. Summer is finally here and as much as I love it, it comes with its own non-negotiable perks. The constant thirst for instance.

                     As I sat fanning myself with a newspaper my mother brought me a lifeline – the green water bottle. No, that’s not the name of a Booker. That’s what I like to call the watermelon. God must’ve been one heck of a thirsty Guy when he created the melon. Men owe Him a big thank you for this fruit that springs up when Mr. Sun decides to hand out rays of early summer.

                     With a thick shell to block out the hard sun, the melon packs a burst of water within its red confines. So much that the water can’t wait till you take a bite…half of it is already out by the time you cut open the big guy. If you are in a big hurry to quench your heat like I was the other day you wouldn’t mind digging into a huge piece allowing the red chunks to melt in your mouth, run down your throat, until steam billows from your ears and your body cools down leaving a bunch of seeds in your mouth, your nose and chin wet from the bite.

                     If you are the melon crazy type like I am at other times, then you would sit with your mother as she carefully slices open the green guy and cuts away the red portions de-seeds them and drops them into a bowl….or at least intends to but that piece has long made its way into your tummy and a while later poor Dad has only two pieces left for him (grabbed artfully from you by Mom before you gobbled it up)!!

                     If you are the I’m-lazy-to-chew type then you would love a melon squash with a dash of mint and a few drops of lemon and if you are a toddler the green shell would make a nice crown to play with! This wonder fruit and his brothers (the musk melon packs a mini-ocean inside) are one of the reasons why summer is fun! A cheap, healthy and natural way to beat the heat. Now, when I venture into the heat knowing there’s a green water bottle back home…I would dare say “bring it on!!!” Happy summer! :)

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