Thursday, February 18, 2010

Warm and cozy

                       My uncle built a new house recently and threw a customary and sweet housewarming party. A day of wholesome joy, long-time-no-see-meets and a religious start to building a home was what it turned out to be. A long and hectic month of planning and organizing preceded the success of that day and the whole family pitched in to help. Now being the nephew (ahem!) I had my own huge share of the responsibility cake to handle and my batteries were fully charged for it.

                      We were headlong into the proceedings even before the sun had hit his 1st snooze and the mother-calf duo worshipped as sacred were taken around and inside the house to invoke the Gods of prosperity. The little fellow spared us some brooming as he gobbled up every single flower around him..early breakfast I guess!

                       With the heat from the homam rising, one by one relatives and friends stared to arrive. Hospitality was one of the things on my plate and soon I had to set my heels to full-spin as I went about receiving people and making sure they were attended to. Now that might sound demanding but with the fact that I hadn’t caught a glimpse of most of them for years (that would explain the ‘you were this tiny when I last saw you’ comments) I was thrilled to the point of jumping up and down to be doing it.

                        Families are huge but Indian families in addition are unique. There are cool uncles, trendy aunts, Dumbledorish grandparents, at least a dozen cousins and a dozen more noisy Dennises! In all they create this heavy atmosphere of love and  togetherness like a huge pulsating heart. Add to it an artery of 1st name friends who’ve been with you for so long that they are a part of the family picture.

                       Watching my people, feeling the good vibes and listening to the laughter and chatter, made me feel gifted – to be part of it all. The food was exemplary and added a classic finishing touch.

                       With an exhausting day behind us I could feel the love, happiness, optimism and good energy resonating in every corner long after everyone had left. I realized that the house was en route becoming a home. If this is for a private gathering at home, no wonder the world looks up in awe at the big fat Indian weddings!!

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