Thursday, February 25, 2010

Make a wish

                               I was standing at my window talking to the stars (Yes. The night sky is my best friend and I talk to stars). Suddenly there fell this bright one from the sky…rather across the sky – one that is known as a shooting star! Now, this fellow is supposed to be rare to appear or at least rare to spot unless you have quick reflexes. So legend associates magic with him and the simplest form of it is that when you spot a shooting star you are granted a wish.

                              That’s phenomenal considering how much and how many things each of us wish we had everyday. From time to money, clothes to princes our lists keep running long enough to make a toilet paper roll the size of earth! Given that it should’ve been easy to make a wish with my star-wild card. These wish things are tricky. Making a wish is like practicing law. You can never cover all the loopholes. So there’s no asking for a 100 wishes and recharging your wish account at the 99th wish! All you get is one wish and choosing wisely is up to you.

                              Frankly I was stumped! For a person like me who actually maintains a wish list it should’ve been taken a blink of the eye to come up with one but I was just puzzled trying to prioritize what I wanted the most. A powerful wish deserved to be special and obviously targeted at something hard to get. But at that instant the hardest thing I could think of was getting my lab work attested by a strict  prof  before the deadline and I felt it wasn’t worth a star’s grant!

                              The seconds passed by and I could'nt pick on one thing I wanted to wish for. ‘a pretty dress’? – I’d have to wish for that with my Dad, not a star. ‘world peace’? - ya right. Am not Miss Universe. ‘a week’s holiday’? – special classes later? No thanks. I still hadn’t decided what I wanted Mr. Star to give me and I could actually see him up there giggling at my plight and holding up a sandglass to indicate my wish-time was slipping away.

                              I hit upon one thing I wanted finally! It was pretty complicated and it took me 5 minutes to get it out right but a wish is a wish. As Mr. Star tumbled away a 101 things came to my mind neatly organized by priority in MS excel format color coded based on degree of desperateness! So much for an above average IQ.  A guitar, GATE qualification, An i-Pod – how difficult is it to remember these basic short term wishes? Well no luck trying to get Starry to come back. He’s probably laughing at someone else’s confusion somewhere else. Never mind. There are millions more up there waiting to fall.

                            What did I wish for? Nah! Can’t tell you. Not supposed to until it comes true… :)

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  1. he he... i have had this difficulty..too tough to make 'one' wish.. i know ..i know..but at the end we do know what is the deepest wish of our heart..and as you had rightly said, we do not say THAT loud until it comes true.. :)