Thursday, February 4, 2010

Its in the papers!

               It’s a lazy morning. As usual you want to strangle the shrill alarm but you have to go to college and its time to wake up. You sit up in bed and check out your mobile’s inbox sleepily. There’s a good morning you scroll through and the next message makes you scream and jump up in delight and your roomie hits you on the head thinking that you are the alarm! What wakes you up? A message from a friend congratulating you for that write up of yours that has made it to print…an extra pitch to your scream – you won a prize for it too! And there begins your special day of glory. There’s probably only one thing that can match the endless joy that writing brings with it – seeing it in print. You know your article by heart but you still read it a hundred times and somehow it looks better when published!
              You message every single contact on your list about it and one by one they start responding. From “good one” to “I’ve no idea how you cook up something so brilliant” you get all sorts of comments. The ones that turn the thrill up a notch are those good-hearted, sharp-eyed friends who have read it even before you told them. You try to do normal stuff like wash up and get ready but there comes this bunch of calls – from Mom who’s proud of you like never before, from Dad who’s not surprised you made it because you are “his kid”, Grandparents and uncles blessing you for more such feathers to your creative cap and from a couple of cousins and friends demanding a treat to celebrate!
               You manage to make it to college floating on cloud 9 to be met with your friends there and the niceties continue. All day long your mobile keeps beeping and the keys spelling thank you are over worked!
A few review your work, a few compare and contrast it with earlier ones you’ve written and few even quote from it!!! Friends tell you that a friend of their cousin’s friend like your work!
               By the time you get back home you are feeling like someone handed you the Booker! Your look sweeps the room and you find them -  a pen and a paper. Those two that made all this possible. A familiar sense of satisfaction flows through you because you’ve decided to do the obvious : Write about the experience. You sit down at your desk and forge the usual and powerful connection between your mind, heart and the pen…a few pages filled, you pick up your article to read it for the nth time before you go to bed, a huge smile and a heavy sigh conveying wordlessly how thankful you are to be in love…with an art called writing!


  1. loved the last part of it... and how many of us still pen down our thoughts??most of us make it a soft copy..sad state, but still nice that few like u (and ya me)are ol'fashioned and we do write in paper,THAT joy is immense...

  2. I love the way u make the daily routine seem interesting n animated!.. Keep it up dude! You rock BIG TIME :)--Divya

  3. Kewl post. Your article was great and even great was the way I got to read it "suda suda" in the morning. My newspaper guy had 'mistakenly' delivered "THE HINDU" that day instead for "TIMES OF INDIA". Should we call this coincidence? :)