Friday, November 13, 2009

Hostel sweet Home!

This one also made it to The Hindu, Nxg, Jan 21, 2010  :)

The best thing that has happened to me in quite some time is my admission to SASTRA, Tanjore for a PG. That means am staying away from home now…at a hostel...all by myself! :)
Many friends of mine told me hostel life was too good to miss. Instinctively I’ve known all along they were right and I’ve always wanted to stay alone too! Maybe because I had fantasized too much about this life I was thrilled to the point of screaming silently on the terrace in joy! To someone who doesn’t know me this might seem sadistic – me wanting to be away from home. But folks no…I have a very loving family behind me. Sweet and cool parents and a cozy home. Then why, you ask, would I be insane to leave it behind for a while? Because I’ve never been away from it. Never been on my own. I’ve always had mom pampering my taste buds and dad trying to instill discipline in me for the simplest of things. Proximity to the source of advise is inversely proportional to its execution! :P so a slob I was. But I always knew I wanted to fly away from my nest for a while and feel the thrill of living independently ( well its not quite that now…dad still finances me). I’ve wanted to prove to my folks that I could be the discipline daughter they’ve wanted me to be. And am doing all that right now! :)
Its been three months since I moved out and life here is bliss! How , you ask. Because I have a hundred and one things I have to take care of for myself by myself apart from college work. But the food? Thank Heavens am not fuzzy about food and honestly at my hostel its definitely above average so for me its wow! Home sickness? Surprisingly I haven’t shed a single tear all these days B-). Friends? Everyone here is one. Am known to be a chatterbox so the credit to a dozen new nicknames around here goes to me :). I eat healthy! (too lazy for fruits at home. Routine here) I monitor my cash (my parents are both into accounts management ) my room is spic and span always (half the credit goes to my sweet roomie) and my laundry bag never comes under stress (back home it was ripping at the seams often!). On the whole my life has taken a change for the better and I feel in control. Am responsible for myself here and there is no feeling to match that sense of satisfaction. I love it.
We get delicious soup at a stall here, there is a tiny supermarket enough to find the occasional junk food and our college canteen rocks! Am living every moment here to the fullest! These will definitely be some of the best days of my life and they came in at the right time to ease out some rough spots I faced a while back.
I dress better these days :) ,watch movies on my laptop(don’t tell my mom :P) and even find time for craft. The only downside maybe? A lot of ants! But we found ways to keep them off. Now that I know what its like to be away from home, happy as it may be, I want to get back one day…and when its time to go I will get to appreciate Home sweet Home better than ever. But for now hostel life rocks! :)


  1. "Proximity to the source of advise is inversely proportional to its execution!" a cool quote!

  2. am actually feeling jealous of u now......

  3. Except for the food, my hostel life was also awesome.

    And now its fancy sharing apartment life