Thursday, November 19, 2009


I am sitting in a corner of my hostel room. There goes the 1st ring. A shrill tone of ♫♪ Siragugal Vandhadhu ♫♪ echoes in the corridor. Occupant A next door. She attends the call and starts the now famous walk-while-you-talk (thanks to Abhishek Bachan…what an idea Sirji!). Then comes a crude mumbo jumbo remix of the Airtel tune and occupant B steps out to walk on the other half of the narrow corridor. She has left the door open and her roommate, Occupant C is already on a call. This one is probably a fan of MJ because she is doing an almost-moonwalk inside the room…or maybe its just that the room is so small and she is pacing frantically that it seems like gliding! Span left and there is Occupant D running in circles around a bag of snacks lying on the floor, an N73 pressed to her ear.
Occupant E has joined the traffic on my side of the corridor and throws me a smile before she continues to scream into her phone “naa dhaa appave sonnenla” (“I told you that already”). More occupants and many more ringtones blaring out to them. This is an every night routine. It’s a clear proof that the world is small and connected. Very well. Its fun watching these people. They walk, strut, run, jog and even jump over piles of footwear along the corridor, so intent on their conversations, avoiding banging into people by sheer instinct! I said its fun observing because these people are diverse – in language, slang, emotions and magnanimity with words.
Proceeding along the corridor, I can gauge the gist of the talk just by looking at the faces – an open smile: ‘1 more week mom, I’ll be home’! A sly smile – ‘hah! I found out about your BF’! Blushes – ‘heyyyy! Am I that beautiful?’ Contorted sad face – ‘why should you end it? Give me one reason’! (poor thing...lost love) Furious – ‘that git! And they call him a lecturer’! There are many more I could make a dictionary of. You’ll find these people everywhere when it is phone time – leaning on the door, ferreting in the corridor, exercising in their rooms, staring out the window, in a silent spot of the darkest corner of the staircase (shhh…romancing…DND),sitting on the stairs (sometimes like a Golu display, one on each stair) and I know of one who even sat on top of a Western loo closet sick of not getting privacy!
These souls talk to a variety of people –mom, dad, brother, sister, cousin, friend, fiancĂ©, ex-s, lover, customer care(!), talk about an enormous range of topics (my one page vow stops me from listing out) and in a wide range of languages! Sound waves move from “Solluda” to “yep…that’s right” to “nyan paranyittillo ahdi” to “pichakara dog e” (kids don’t read this –unclassified vernacular :P) to “@##$%^$%$#!#^$^%I&^*&” (er…that was high speed Telugu and Kannada. I lack de-encrypting grey cells! ) to “acha..baad meh baath kartha hoon” ( “talk to you later”. Wont hang up in less than a solid hour after this!) .
The decibel level would start with a beep and a ring, proceed to a babble of voices, to an unintelligible chaos, to perfect ‘all hell breaks loose’ and go down in steps as one by one they disconnect, stop talking, stop walking (and running and jumping and exercising) and retire to their rooms…content with sharing what they wanted to. After all that’s what sets us humans apart as social animals isn’t it? We talk. We love to! Oh and by the way, those isolated occupants in the dark corners…shhh still talking). I’m done writing. Got to study and then…♫♪Yeh ishq hai..baite bitaae♫♪ oh! That’s my mobile ringing…excuse me . “Hello! Ya ya..tell me…”

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hostel sweet Home!

This one also made it to The Hindu, Nxg, Jan 21, 2010  :)

The best thing that has happened to me in quite some time is my admission to SASTRA, Tanjore for a PG. That means am staying away from home now…at a hostel...all by myself! :)
Many friends of mine told me hostel life was too good to miss. Instinctively I’ve known all along they were right and I’ve always wanted to stay alone too! Maybe because I had fantasized too much about this life I was thrilled to the point of screaming silently on the terrace in joy! To someone who doesn’t know me this might seem sadistic – me wanting to be away from home. But folks no…I have a very loving family behind me. Sweet and cool parents and a cozy home. Then why, you ask, would I be insane to leave it behind for a while? Because I’ve never been away from it. Never been on my own. I’ve always had mom pampering my taste buds and dad trying to instill discipline in me for the simplest of things. Proximity to the source of advise is inversely proportional to its execution! :P so a slob I was. But I always knew I wanted to fly away from my nest for a while and feel the thrill of living independently ( well its not quite that now…dad still finances me). I’ve wanted to prove to my folks that I could be the discipline daughter they’ve wanted me to be. And am doing all that right now! :)
Its been three months since I moved out and life here is bliss! How , you ask. Because I have a hundred and one things I have to take care of for myself by myself apart from college work. But the food? Thank Heavens am not fuzzy about food and honestly at my hostel its definitely above average so for me its wow! Home sickness? Surprisingly I haven’t shed a single tear all these days B-). Friends? Everyone here is one. Am known to be a chatterbox so the credit to a dozen new nicknames around here goes to me :). I eat healthy! (too lazy for fruits at home. Routine here) I monitor my cash (my parents are both into accounts management ) my room is spic and span always (half the credit goes to my sweet roomie) and my laundry bag never comes under stress (back home it was ripping at the seams often!). On the whole my life has taken a change for the better and I feel in control. Am responsible for myself here and there is no feeling to match that sense of satisfaction. I love it.
We get delicious soup at a stall here, there is a tiny supermarket enough to find the occasional junk food and our college canteen rocks! Am living every moment here to the fullest! These will definitely be some of the best days of my life and they came in at the right time to ease out some rough spots I faced a while back.
I dress better these days :) ,watch movies on my laptop(don’t tell my mom :P) and even find time for craft. The only downside maybe? A lot of ants! But we found ways to keep them off. Now that I know what its like to be away from home, happy as it may be, I want to get back one day…and when its time to go I will get to appreciate Home sweet Home better than ever. But for now hostel life rocks! :)

Why are my articles so lengthy?!

This one made it to The Hindu, Nxg - 6th January :) yay!

When I was in high school there was an essay competition to choose a student representative for carrying the Olympic torch as it passed through India. The moment my dad told me about it, I started writing. I wrote 6 sides and still was a good 4 pages away from completion! That’s when my dad mentioned the basic condition – it had to be 300 words! And I had half a novel ready! My torch was extinguished as I realized I had a huge problem – I can’t write short and concise articles! My material for that essay was good. Definitely different from what the winner had written (short of course!) but had exceeded the limit by just a million words. I have close to 30 articles and poems that I’ve written. None of them in a dearth for words!
I wonder if its some kind of electrostatic attraction between my pen and my brain because when am in the groove it goes at top speed like a seismograph sensing a powerful earthquake! I don’t write articles everyday inspite of having a lot of things to write about (that explains why my diary is swollen to 10 times its size with just hints I jot down daily!!!) but when I do feel a work coming on it’s a few minutes of rapid and serious writing and bingo I’ve exhausted a bunch of papers! I’ve always felt my mind and heart working as one when I write. Like they seem to know what exactly wants to be put into words. That’s hard to control. I’m a person who gives heart and soul to anything I do and writing definitely tops my list.
People who read my works tell me they are good but my mom always points out with a sigh that they are obviously too lengthy to be read by anyone without forcing them into it! Pras would agree vehemently…every time I mail him an article he has a lot of tweaking to do with the font size to make sure it doesn’t run off the page! My blog suffers the same plight.
I love expressing myself and thanks to that they always turn out to be magnanimous. That’s my style of writing – replete with sarcasm, humour, confusion, anger and what not. I reasoned with myself that all those things needed pages to explain (couldn’t convince myself to write short) but then I found one guy who did exactly that and still kept his articles to half a page! Sudhish Kamat and his movie reviews in The Hindu! Each one is a treat for anyone with good humour! That’s when I started thinking if someone else could do it, I could do it too! And I started reading blogs belonging to my friends. It turned out that ‘someone’ was ‘everyone’ apart from me! It was around that time our own Pras woke up from his intellectual slumber and started filling IK with his own write-ups (sick of running behind us – the others who promised to contribute!). They were brilliant! Short and sweet, they were a perfect expression of emotions spot on. I realized that was the secret. To write, write and write...whenever you feel like it. That way what you want to say comes out at the right time and you don’t have to wait for it to accumulate sufficiently and end up writing XL sized articles! One tiny reflection at a time brings about the same reaction and increases your article database too. Pras I know your secret har har! So that’s it. I’ve decided to try and write concise stuff. This should be a start :)
This doesn’t mean the lengthy ones won’t happen but I’ll reserve them for once-in-a-while. Wish me luck guys! :)
P.S: this one didn’t go over a page! Yay me! B-)


Amongst the one too many gifts that life has bestowed upon man there is one that doubles up as a tool to find answers to the million questions swirling around in his head. Ironically this gift that I ‘talk’ about has the ultimate power of keeping the vocal chords on a leash. It is silence!

Seldom used, many wise men consider the gift of silence as an art which is perhaps why they call it ‘practicing silence’. Contrary to the popular belief, silence is not the treasure only of saints and monks. Almost every single English adaptation of a Chinese or Japanese warrior genre movie would have a minimum of two characters that are silent and hence powerful and graceful, in stark contrast to a blabbermouth who would most probably be the hero and goes ‘Whoa! Dude you are cool’! When the fighter slashes up a dozen bamboo sticks midair!

Does silence really give a person so much control? That would be a vehement yes! Spiritual language uses a liberal dose of terms to define the effects of the silence-habit, right from channelizing your chi vibrations to as much as transcending your soul and attaining salvation! But since am yet to sell my Ferrari and become a monk, I thought I’d just pen down my interpretation of silence to the extent that my death-metal repellent brain could fathom!

To the layman silence would simply mean the absence of sound but truly Webster goes only that far. Silence is a whole new world! A wonderful and completely different experience. Silence is when you choose to stop adding your part to the milieu and start to listen to other sounds around you and counts like a form of respect shown to them. It is in itself a new genre of music!

Men and women keep up talk most of the time because of the inherent fear that silence brings with it. Talking gives a sense of fitting-in and lets a person realize they are alive and well…but true living is from the inside and the true sign of living is listening to the sound that the heart makes against the ribs rising above the chaos in the outside world. Silence is a secret understanding with all forms of life…a channel of communication and with focus can be put to creating harmony.

To put it simply it’s such a great relief to shut up for a while and take notice of all the crap that you sometimes deliver. When you take stock of that you’ll be amazed to know how much energy you can conserve!

Hatsumomo in Memoirs of a Geisha says “sometimes the best reply is silence”. How very true! Millions of students around the world would agree with me unanimously when I say its better to remain silent for a few minutes rather than walking the plank giving the wrong answer to a prof’s question in front of the nerds! :P . Maybe it was a wise student who said “silence is golden” and with today’s market rates, that amounts to a fortune!

Silence gives you a sense of calm and the power of observation. Bird lovers need to stay silent if they love to watch a flock…a group of cool dudes remain so for the time they can hold their wisecracks in front of a girl!

Silence gives you interpretations…like they say ‘calm before a storm’. The unspoken word is what differentiates wisdom from stupidity. I read somewhere that words are like toothpaste – something that you can’t put back into the tube once taken out. Silence is a form of beauty. It’s a style statement. It lends mystery to a person’s character and intrigues others to no bounds. No wonder heroes of the kind that pops a silent cigar and goes ‘uh huh’ are more interesting than the kind that drives you up the wall with a half page dialogue for a Hi!

I sometimes go on a silent spree…friends of mine would snigger at that statement because am a paler version of Geeth (of Jab we Met fame) but they know it’s true. And when am at it I usually end up talking a lot on the inside holding debates with my heart and mind trying to find answers to many accumulated ‘Why’s. Through that silence I find it easy to love, reason and forgive. It’s when I spend quality time with myself so that every time I talk after that I could try and make more sense.

In all the half hour I took to writing this article, I listened to the soft hum of the fan overhead, the babble of kids on the street, the gentle breeze romancing with the mango tree next door, couple of biker dudes riding their tyres flat, a distant horn, a yelping puppy, and a lot more subtle sounds. I spoke not a single word because I was busy listening…and for once I realized there are other sounds apart from my own…sounds that need appreciation…the language of silence helped me do just that. Life comes with bgm after all…you just got to sync yours with it! Cheers! :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Two years of a faithful wait for the movie made me as happy as Harry was on his 1st visit to Hogsmeade when I took delivery of the tickets to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at a multiplex with one of my close friends…also an ardent Potter series fan! Right from the 3rd movie the scriptwriters had taught us fans to get used to them twisting the original tale and doing away with parts of the story that we considered significant…but inspite of the warning David Yates’ HP 6 left me broken hearted as I found yet again that this was a director who made a story of his own…my rant about the movie goes thus :

For all ye Muggles who think ‘its jus a movie’ :

Harry Potter is a teen wizard (yes he can do magic n stuff) who has returned to his school with best friends Ron and Hermione for his 6th year. His headmaster Dumbledore takes him through preparations to face and ultimately destroy the baddie Voldermort who in the past killed Harry’s parents. It’s a story of revenge that has a good dose of friendship and in the case of this movie a lotta adolescent love. The visual effects are mindblowing and the movie boasts of a cast comprising some of Britain’s most talented actors.

For all ye who live through the pages of JKR’s classic series:

At 1st glance this movie had an awesome trailer. It was dark as expected and came with great sound and visuals. In person the only thing that lived up to the trailer was the CG work. Anyone would give it a 20 on a scale of 10! That’s how terrific it was. The grounds of Hogwarts, the cave in the midst of the ocean, the Inferi…the breathtaking collapse of the Brockdale bridge! Tim Burke and Tim Alexander deserve the “awwww” that those scenes get! Kudos! The overall music also was good.

Coming to the story…well logically the movie should’ve been based on JKR’s work but seems Mr. Yates took liberty to change quite a lot about it. Trouble is those parts left out took the soul of the movie with them. Let me elaborate:

~ The 6th book takes a major reality check as this is where the magical world extends to the Muggle world – the Muggle minister is warned of Voldermort’s rampage and Dementors are creeping out normal people too…Yates is content with just showing the faces of a dozen Muggles when Brockdale comes crashing down…nothing is spoken about it later anywhere!

~ Narcissa and Bellatrix head to Snape’s and during the conversation that ensues Bellatrix ends up making the Unbreakable Vow! Any one who has read the book would know it is Cissy who has to make it coz she is the one requesting it and Bella is only a bonder. Also in the book Cissy goes to Snape to plead with him to save her son…a mother’s plight that her son is being revenged for his father’s mistake. In the movie Helen McCrory as Narcissa merely enjoys a glass of wine makes the vow n leaves like its an everyday job! The beauty of a mother’s love for her son even when she is a Death Eater seems totally lost on Yates!

~ Everyone is aboard the Hogwarts express and Harry wants to spy on Malfoy. Harry uses instant darkness powder to distract them all so he could get onto the luggage rack. Nothing like that happens in the book! Yates made it that way so as to avoid the Slughorn party on the train! Ok…minor change forgiven. But what happens next had us all stumped! Malfoy jinxes Harry out cold covers him up with the invisibility cloak and Luna finds him through her Spectrespecs coz as she claims there were Wrackspurts all over him! The book had a more non-insane way of finding Harry! Tonks does it! How much more simple can it get and what was the point of changing it?

~ Jim Broadbent was a new addition to the already talented cast. But sadly all that he got to do in the 2nd part mostly was stare stupidly and go ‘eh’?! Slughorn’s character could’ve done with a lot more polishing!

~ The worst betrayal ever according to me came in the form of Michael Gambon as Dumbledore in movie 3. And that punishment continues! To those eyes that had the privilege of watching Richard Harris as the greatest and most respected wizard of all times, Gambon is a mismatch. No offence to the talented actor but he simple doesn’t fit into the scheme. I felt it then but alas am not in charge of casting! For playing DD Gambon is short, doesn’t have crystal blue eyes that seem to x-ray you when he looks at you, talks a lot(!) has zero humor, jumps about from place to place like he is a 6-yr old (DD is close to 150 yrs old)has just a few locks of hair and oddly has some kinda band tied to his beard! I regret Harris’s death every time I watch Gambon on screen. If only he could’ve held on till the series was done! If I had a time turner I’d bring Harris back! Gambon just doesn’t fit the bill. Guess we should blame his granddaughter for it coz it was she who told him that she would stop talking to him if he refused the role! Kids!

~ Another sentimental fact that Yates seemed to have ignored is that DD wears half moon specs! Gambon is seen sporting it only in a few scenes (even in movie 5) …add that to the list of ‘how un-Dumbledory’ he is. He is hunting down Horcruxes with Harry and maybe took it off for the ride…you suggest? Well…just take a look at the cover picture of the 6th book and you’ll know that even when there is a ring of fire encircling him and Harry DD still has a gleaming pair of half moons on his crooked nose!!!

~ The climax fight between the teachers and Death Eaters seemed to have jumped right out of Yates’ mind! I read in Wikipedia that it was removed to avoid monotony in the next movie! That fight forms a crux of this film and would’ve brought put amazing performances from the likes of Maggie Smith and moreoever the 6th book was as much of the action genre as it was magical and a duel would’ve only made it more grand. Us fans could’ve been lucky to witness more of the brilliant CG!

~ There is no funeral for DD!! Again Wikipedia quotes the makers’ reply that they took it off coz it had no connection with the rest of the movie! My comment to that would be that none of the crew members have understood anything about what people feel towards DD! We don’t love him for no reason Mr. Yates and the least you could’ve done was give him a decent sendoff! The best and most cynical irony here is that the producers took so many pains to make a gigantic dead spider…jus for 3 characters to watch it as it lay dead on its hinds for a quarter of a minute in the movie! It would’ve cost less to have made a white tomb and a dozen people laying flowers over it…but no Mr. Yates is the man! He opts to give DD a mobile phone-torch send off like fans do in a music concert! Everyone holds their wands alight for a while!

~ I saved up my take on the supposed romance in the movie for last coz I have jus 2 words for it “outright stupid” ! There was absolutely no necessity to show Lavender and Ron kissing every instant. It didn’t matter even in the book. Everyone new Hermione would end up with Ron anyway! Mike Newell handled it way far better and more subtle yet powerful in the 4th movie…

~ Bonnie Wright would probably be wondering what the heck she was doing in that movie! Coz there was absolutely no justice done to Ginny! One moment she is kissing Dean and the next she is dropping hints to Harry that she loves him and lo and behold she is kissing him next! Sheer stupidity! Not a single soul…and by that I mean Yates, Radcliffe and Wright seems to know what exactly is going on between Harry and Ginny and what they are supposed to show!

~ The Burrow getting burnt - sequence doesn’t appear in the book at all! It was absolutely unnecessary and made no point at all. And there was not the slightest mention about it anywhere else in the movie!!! That is Yates’ biggest problem! He just leaves sequences unfinished and to the imagination! Thankfully JKR is deprived of that talent! She always ties loose ends together in her books!

~ Adding a couple of nonchalant errors – in the movie Snape tells Harry the truth only in the end (that he is the HBP) but in the book logically Snape suspects Harry has his book when he performs Sectumsempra on Malfoy! That also appeared in the movie but Yates left Snape ignoring the person behind the curse! It jus shows how lagging the script is. No one seemed to take care to make sure the sequence has a flow and made sense! Sloppy work!

~ There were 3 insanely stupid scenes : One in the opening where Harry checks out this waitress at a cafĂ© and along with DD stares at a picture of a model on a huge banner at the station…I sincerely think Mr. Yates could’ve put his film reel to better use like enacting a funeral for DD instead of inserting such totally pointless and irritating scenes. By the way that was the excuse to leave the Dursleys out of the movie! Two where Ginny ties Harry’s shoe laces! Almost every one in the theatre went WT* coz that’s how idiotic it was! It was like watching a ‘60s Tamil movie! And isn’t it obvious to anyone who reads the book that Ginny is more level headed than that! Three when Ron is in the hospital and Lavendar Brown comes rushing in and pours out her jealousy over Won-Won in front of DD, Snape, Slughorn, Harry, Ginny and Hermione! The staff just watch on as she rants about her love! For the love of God Mr. Yates please get out of your Imperius curse! Someone is making you humiliate yourself! And coming to think of it I guess even Steve Kloves (scriptwriter) had his memory modified! Coz in no other way could someone who wrote a crisp script for the 1st two movies come up with the rest! There were changes in those two movies too...but they did not destroy the main line or turn out to be stupid….good times!

~ There was absolutely no mention about Bill and Fluer! And nothing was said about the romance between Tonks and Lupin! Yates was determined to do away with anything that would make a fan happy I think!

Phew! Now that am done with the brickbats I do have some bouquets to handover…

~ Yates managed to insert a good amount of Quidditch into the movie! Thank u just for that…

~ The best always remain the best - Robbie Coltrane as Rubeus Hagrid, Mark Williams and Julie Walters as Arthur and Molly Weasley respectively, Alan Rickman as Severus Snape, David Thewlis as Lupin and Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange remind us yet again what true talent is and why we are all in love with the world of Harry potter! I bow down to each of them! Their performances can never be matched!

~ I’ve never been a fan of Daniel Radcliffe. He was cute enough for HP-1 n 2 but I still feel someone else could’ve done a better job at Harry. Yet it seemed to me that Daniel did put up a good show in quite a few scenes!

~ Emma Watson was a universal favourite and she lived Hermione to the hilt till maybe the 4th movie…the 5th saw her losing a bit of interest in the franchise…and to me she’s lost most of it in this movie….she still is brilliant in a few sequences but that cute little curly haired nerdy angel seems to have taken a long vacation! This is why some kids should never grow up!

~ Rupert Grint does a decent job…like Ron he seems to have a gift for growing considerably with every passing day!

~ Dave Legeno appears as Fenrir Greyback and with excellent make up fits the character to a T! He is tall and muscular and every bit savage...not surprising given he was a bouncer before he took up acting!

~ The only actor who has my heartfelt appreciation this time is Tom Felton for his perfect portrayal of Draco Malfoy. I had judged Felton as ordinary in the 1st couple of movies were he was jus a prop when Radcliff ran away with all the good scenes but seems like Felton got his pay off in this movie. His expressions were brilliant towards the climax when he faces DD and is stuck between having to kill his headmaster or getting killed by the Dark Lord for failing in his mission! Tom great job! Keep it up!

~ Like I already said the music and sound in the movie were good though I felt a lot of bangs were unnecessarily loud!

On the whole…it was nothing like the heaven of magic that the 1st two movies created…but still we got to see a couple of characters we love on screen…and with the special effects it wasn’t hard to sit through the movie. But the magic was missing...ironically yes...there were wands, broomsticks, spells, hexes, jinxes and even a singing phoenix but the magic of the entire concept was missing! And the fact that the 7th movie lies in the hands of David Yates only makes me wish that I make myself ready to face a similar experience yet again next year!

On a scale of 5 I would rate it a 3 ‘just’ for the CG and Felton’s act!

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Mills and Bane???

         I created a record of sorts last month. I listened to a whopping number of my friends narrate stories of their love. Some of the lucky ones told me confident happily-ever-after stories, some told me they have entered into a commitment hoping for theirs and quite a few not so lucky ones told me the person they chose did not choose them in return.

        I felt very happy and thrilled for my buddies who had found success in love – a lot of them were the oh-I’m-not-the-falling-in-love type ;). Love is by far the 2nd most beautiful feeling in the world ( I rate a mother bearing a child 1st) . The way someone who is not your blood understands you and accepts you for what you are, can leave you feeling amazed in only two kinds of bonds – friendship and love!

        All those moments of feeling special, holding hands, stealing a quick glance, the shy smiles, and the whole new shades of brightness that show up on faces lighting up the eyes…a treat to watch in anyone smitten!

        Flip 180° and I could see the brave faces that my love-slain friends were trying to put up. All those things that I mentioned for love were running through their minds too but instead of making them smile it made them cry as they crumbled under the pain of memories they carried. True. Love hurts like nothing else on earth when lost. Very true.

         They say love is blind and I agree – blind enough for people to fall for someone who is not the right match and blind still to fall out with some one who is a potential soul mate!

          As much as falling out with a person hurts, it is not the end of the world. I was thinking of this as I lent a shoulder to the troubled souls to cry on. A million questions were running through my head. My friends are genuine and gentle people. Fun to be with and ready to do anything to get a buddy out of trouble. Then how did they fail in the game of love? How could someone not see the sincerity behind their feelings? Or did they miscalculate the feeling and maybe it was just Cupid’s 3rd generation cousin getting some arrow practice? What about me? I too am one of those stay-away-from-love types. Will I crash and burn too?

          As I got thinking about it I remembered Morgan Freeman in the movie Evan Almighty. He says “when you ask God for something He does not give it to you wrapped in a parcel. He gives you opportunities to get what you want”. And that struck me as true. Especially with relationships. Maybe that’s what all this is about. This isn't something to be counted as a loss. It is to show how much love someone is capable of…to show that a person isn’t afraid of commitment. To make them appreciate themselves so that when true love comes along they could grab it with an open heart!

          Loving someone is not about turning into a villain or a bearded-bard if they don’t love you back. It’s about feeling happy for them and caring for them exactly the way you did before you knew how they felt, because love is not something to be conquered or to fret about if lost. It is to give and give unconditionally! And those of you who have decided to breakup…do it gently…everyone deserves respect and love…more so the person who chose to love you!

          For those buddies of mine who lost an early wicket in love, cry as much you want to, for the times you believe to be lost…but when you are done, feel happy for those precious moments that you bagged with your loved one…as much in the past they may be…they are still yours to keep…make new memories with your life…my suggestion – don’t be afraid to fall in love...but don’t be scared if you fall out either!

          As for me I hope I don’t have to endure Cupid’s cousin and wish that the master marksman would find my knight in shining armour for me…but even if have to I would know that its not the end…I get to love someone and I would do that no matter what! At least they can be sure of one person’s love always! 

       There are two thoughts I’d like to quote…one from the tamil movie 'Sillunu oru kaadhal' where Bhoomika says “if you love something and find that some one else could take better care of it, how could you not let it go?” and an anonymous reflection “if you love someone and they don’t reciprocate, wait for it grow in their heart...if it doesn’t be content that it grew in yours”!

         As hard as it may seem to accept these matters of the heart, they are true, right and special. To all those in love, wish you all the luck in the world…and to all those with a huge sigh…hang in there fellas! Cupid’s hitting town any moment now! Cheers! 

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