Thursday, February 21, 2008

for you my friend!

For u my friend
I was walking down the avenue,
My mind in a mood for review,
Back I went to the lovely times,
Numerous were the rains and sunshines.
I remembered the road well,
It had loads about us to tell,
The way we plucked early flowers,
And tucked them into tiny covers.
The way we used to bundle up the touch-me-not,
The dew from it on our fingers like a blot
I remembered the trips on our cycle we took,
The fellow with our weight wholly shook.
I remember the times on a lonely ride you fell,
And tears pouring down my cheeks without a word to tell.
I remembered the way we played football,
You wouldn’t join us until given a call!
The way we tried to brave ghosts,
And swung around lamp posts.
I remember the way we held hands,
And came sliding down mountains of sand.
School or not we didn’t care.
Nothing mattered when together we were there.
A bond we built so tight.
And believed was forever right!
You were me and I was you,
Differences to say apart were very few.
I am at the end of the street
Crumbling under my shoes the leaves throw me a greet.
It shouldn’t have happened.
A different chapter never opened.
Destiny did us apart.
‘Thinking about me’ had a start.
It has thrust us apart so fast.
And long I do for the past
I see life’s lovely sights,
Go through many a festival of lights.
But burn do the lamps only dim,
When my heart’s alone and really grim.
I look up and see the beautiful crackers they burst,
But I scan hurriedly around me for you first.
With you life was different.
I love it that way.
If the mistake was on my side,
I have no sorries to hide.
I give them all to you,
If you will give me the cue,
That you will be back with me.
I long for the day,
When you will say,
We’ll never be apart again!
Then we’ll walk through the road to the flower we kissed,
And catch up on all that together we missed!