Friday, December 26, 2008

Mind it!

(This article was judged as the 'best in the issue' in my college magazine last spring :) )

“C’mon man cough up a few bucks!” there goes the last piece of evidence you had to prove you get pocket money. Well…all for a friend. But doesn’t it get too much? Sometimes don’t you feel like saying “c’mon give me a break!” Friends in flesh and blood are a necessity by default. What pleasure it is to be seen in a gang, flaunting the latest fashion, putting up a big smile, thumping shoulders and clapping hands. But isn't there something we are missing inside ourselves? At some point zoological friendship seems to be lacking. Do they really love me? Are they here just for fun? Will they support me always? Questions do pop up. Now let me tell you, I agree completely that there are people who would die for their friendship. This article is not about those divine bonds. I’m just trying to reach out to those who laugh in a bunch and still feel empty.

Have you ever talked to yourself? In front of a mirror? Have you listened to the wonderful things you felt about yourself? Have you realized how good a friend you can be to yourself? You were gifted with a best friend right from the moment you came into this world. A friend so true and so sincere that only the worst moments of your life uncovers him/her. Let me make it a him for reference. This friend I call ‘the mind’ – you call him whatever you want. Do understand – the brain is what thinks; the mind is what analyses and reasons. This best friend of mine and yours too deep inside will laugh and cry with you - truly. No amount of happiness or sorrow is déjà vu to him because what matters to him ultimately is you and you alone. There are no other commitments for him and the sole purpose of this friend is to see you through the complex maze of life as lightly and as successfully as possible. Hey! Am not getting preachy. This friend is flexible. Make him be any form you like – a cuddly bunny, your idol, a nice face you like – anything! Name it and he’ll cater to you, as you like. Now isn’t this what Calvin is doing with Hobbes? This friend is also as practical as you are. He’ll giggle with you, comment on your dress, that boring lecture, that cute guy/girl – anything. Just for you. And he expects nothing from you. Just be happy and ‘live’ life he would say. He’s protective, loyal, trustworthy and most of all completely secretive and extremely comforting. He fills that big void in your life. This would happen naturally when you are 60. Then you realize, Aah! I had him in here” He was always there. I just want to tell you , you can enjoy this friendship right now. Throughout your life. The more you get to him , the more he’ll make your life real. He’ll not climb the dias and start with ‘my dear comrades,,,” but you will realize the truth of life as suddenly and yet as beautifully as a dewdrop on a lotus leaf. He’ll be the first one to hug you when you win, to tell you that you are gorgeous, to shed tears for you and feel heavy when you are sad, to shake you up and comfort you saying “It’ll be alright. Don’t give up” , to tell you how it hurts when you hurt someone. He will tell none else. Forgiving is his USP.
I cant show him to you. Nor can I explain what exactly he means to me, but I have given you a sample. I’m glad I found him and he’s happy to have stepped in early. It feels heavenly listening to him and I miss nothing and I don’t feel lonely anymore. I still have my group of friends but with my best friend, I appreciate them better and they love me more. I’m being moulded by a trusted friend. What more could one ask for? I’m happy that I am in safe hands and surprised to know that it was inside me. Spiritually they call him ‘conscience’. Nah! I just call him my best buddy!

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Monday, December 22, 2008

A Reason to Smile

Hey!! this one made it to The Hindu- Nxg, 19th march 2009 (thursday)   :)

Am planning to mail this article to a popular tabloid in d near future :)

The shrill ring of the alarm on my mobile brought me crashing down tunnels of darkness, the other side of which I had shared with Tom Cruise seconds ago, when he promised that he would marry me..(and no, our kid will not be named Puri)!. I sat bolt upright on my bed and stared directly into my dressing table mirror just opposite…that’s an everyday event..waking up, staring into the mirror, getting my heart almost stopped looking at the ‘thing’ that I woke up as!! – tousled hair, that could do well with a board saying ‘under war’, the most sheepish of expressions on my face, trying to figure out if I was waking up or going to bed…but, that day it was slightly different…sitting upright I stared into my mirror and actually smiled!! yup! And then I thought about it….why did I smile? Unfortunately, being a rocket scientist’s niece didn’t I found my way to the bathroom and tried to squeeze out paste into what my mind told me it recognized as my brush!...I looked up into the mirror above the wash and again..I smiled! A feeling of niceness overpowered me and I actually started humming a cute tune. Two minutes later I was again wondering, what was it that made me smile! No luck! I went about packing my bag and all the while dancing to the mysterious cheering charm in my head, with an invisible partner, who seemed to not mind my treading on his leg! I wasn’t challenging the niceness now…My spirits were quite high and by the time I was ready to get to college I should say I was behaving like the winner of “guess who became a princess overnight” !!

I got to my bus stop and somehow the expertise our bus driver has with finding the filthiest place to park our bus felt like the greatest joke on earth and I jumped over a puddle and raced three flies to finish first at the dung line that was a step away from my bus! I dropped onto my seat and smiled hard…that was fun! One by one my friends got on and thanks to my Oh-so-smiley day, I complemented my Not-so-friendly busmate on her dress (which by the way was nothing Prada). My best friend travels with me and she gave me a Ok-what-is-happening look and I did nothing but smile ….she smiled back, finally happy that her theory stating that I am an ISO nutcrack had finally come true! Maybe it was true! I didn’t mind being a nutcase…not on that day!

I hopped onto the steps of my department and blew out a loud Good Morning to anyone who would listen! The day was good or so it seemed to me…the first 3 lectures were trying to top the list of anaesthetics but thanks to the mysterious spirit inside me..I took pleasure in counting the number of ‘So’s and ‘What’s that my Prof was using..( he made a whopping 282 in 50 minutes!!). Lunch was when my humour took top form and me the jester, was jesting and got jested in return! My folks tried to ask me and find by themselves the reason for the laughter pandemonium I was creating….their hypotheses ranged from brain damage to boyfriend-breakup-shock-greycell-loss !!! On the whole no one cared about what we ate because we had so much fun that filled our hearts up with joy! I had become an infectious organism spreading my smile…I appreciated pathogenensis like never before!

The evening bus journey saw me at the centre of a tasteful audience cracking jokes and pulling legs! By the time everyone got down our stiches were threatening to tear apart…and I was damn hungry! I got home and found it empty…but that didn’t bug me turned my enthusiasm up by a notch! I banged and rolled with the vessels and cutlery and made myself a crude imitation of a sandwich, which the Chef (my mom) would’ve claimed as a fake from as far as the end of the street! Bah! Who cares?! Frankly I didn’t! it was my smiley day and nothing bothered me….Assignments seemed funny, deadlines made me laugh and tests made my eyes water due to the sheer hilarity! I sang a horde of songs picking whatever tune that came to my mind and by the time I sat for dinner, Dad was appreciating every dime he spent on buying the earplugs! But hey! It was my day!

I finally proceeded to put down everything in my diary…maybe to skim through in the future and wonder why I had such a lunatic day!!!

As I finished penning things down, I came back to that ineveitable question – why did I smile? All day?......and then I thought…. Maybe its just one of those days you cant explain…but I remembered the joy and laughter that I was able to spread because of the vibes inside me and I felt…if that’s what I can do…then I don’t need a reason to smile!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

for you my friend!

For u my friend
I was walking down the avenue,
My mind in a mood for review,
Back I went to the lovely times,
Numerous were the rains and sunshines.
I remembered the road well,
It had loads about us to tell,
The way we plucked early flowers,
And tucked them into tiny covers.
The way we used to bundle up the touch-me-not,
The dew from it on our fingers like a blot
I remembered the trips on our cycle we took,
The fellow with our weight wholly shook.
I remember the times on a lonely ride you fell,
And tears pouring down my cheeks without a word to tell.
I remembered the way we played football,
You wouldn’t join us until given a call!
The way we tried to brave ghosts,
And swung around lamp posts.
I remember the way we held hands,
And came sliding down mountains of sand.
School or not we didn’t care.
Nothing mattered when together we were there.
A bond we built so tight.
And believed was forever right!
You were me and I was you,
Differences to say apart were very few.
I am at the end of the street
Crumbling under my shoes the leaves throw me a greet.
It shouldn’t have happened.
A different chapter never opened.
Destiny did us apart.
‘Thinking about me’ had a start.
It has thrust us apart so fast.
And long I do for the past
I see life’s lovely sights,
Go through many a festival of lights.
But burn do the lamps only dim,
When my heart’s alone and really grim.
I look up and see the beautiful crackers they burst,
But I scan hurriedly around me for you first.
With you life was different.
I love it that way.
If the mistake was on my side,
I have no sorries to hide.
I give them all to you,
If you will give me the cue,
That you will be back with me.
I long for the day,
When you will say,
We’ll never be apart again!
Then we’ll walk through the road to the flower we kissed,
And catch up on all that together we missed!