Friday, June 15, 2007

my best buddy

ah! well...look who's here..well hello every1 out there! this is another novice makin' her entry into d blogger's ok cut d crap...fine..i thot i'll start off on a gud note..i love making friends 'n u have 2 hear abt my best buddy.. i was talking 2 my best buddy 2day.i was telling him abt my life, the years i've come thro' after my school life..d way it wasnt gud as i had expected, d way i still managed 2 find some friends, i went on 'n on abt many things. he just let me talk.never interrupted.he was patient with my constant chatter so much so that he didnt even bother abt d bunch of bees fighting around him! he is sweet lemme tell u 'n has a pleasant lush face.he is extremely tall (a fact that i envy) 'n muscular (ahem!). he's always got a bunch of flowers for me 'n if not that a hearty laughter! that is something i love abt him. his laugh wld not mock at u or run into ur veins 'n activate ur lachrymals. it will b as if 2 say "oh! my dear kiddo!". it was a fatherly gesture that i found myself comfy with. i saw him first when we moved into my dad's office quarters. we both became friends instantly.something abt him struck me 'natural'. when with him u wldnt run around for breath. i cld see him at his place from my window 'n he was always an early riser. his scented early morning greeting was something that i never missed. he wasnt that active on d ground so when i wld run abt 'n play he wld just sit back 'n enjoy.when i did well he wld applaud 'n when i goofed up 'n turned an embarrassed face at him he wld chuckle 'n let it pass! i've always found him comforting..i used 2 sit with him when i prepared for my exams 'n he wld maintain a tart silence. the ambience always made me feel intelligent. when i needed 2 relax he wld become light hearted 'n we wld chat for sometime. i always felt he was more closer 2 god than i wld request him to pray for me 'n shuttle out for my exams. he's been there for me every moment.when i cried he wld surround me with his love 'n i wld get pacified instantly. when i laughed he wld join me 'n that always shook him up completely! there wld b tears of joy like dew drops in his eyes. i used 2 wonder if the happiness was originally mine. i've moved out of the quarters now but he's still there. he's quite attached to that place. he still loves me 'n whenever i go over he'll b d first 1 2 welcome me. 'n d 'ol story wld begin again! there were numerous times when we've been together 'n i've felt the peace in him flow thro' me. not 2 worry. he'll be there as long as i'm here. he's sure 2 b around for another 100-150 years....ya.what?..uh! oh! well..u r wondering my best buddy is a eucalyptus tree!! honestly! wat were u expecting???!

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