Saturday, July 14, 2007


Never make fun of a person who cries,
He'll never forget it till he dies.
You do not know about his anguish,
His sorrow or his dearest wish.
He might be crying for his loved one,
With whom he smiled and had enormous fun!
He might be crying for his friend,
Who with those tears appreciates him as a God-send.
He might be crying for his people,
For things he cannot change, that lie down subtle.
He might be crying for nature,
For the present that buried the past and is destroying the future.
He might be crying for that stranger,
Seperated by thousands of miles and in danger.
He might be crying for the moon,
That will vanish in a fortnight soon.
He might be crying for that lepard,
Who with his limbs might've made a good shepard.
He might be crying for the unnaturalness all around,
Enacted with finesse round after round.
He might be crying for not being able to reach,
Those in need of a soul and a master to teach,
The colors of life-
With words action and sound.
He might be crying his heart out, for all those who don't address their pain with a shout.
He might be crying for his own soul,
That lies beneath his masks role after role!
He might be crying for his heart,
That knows not to stop loving after a start.
He might be crying for his lost love,
That he thought was protected under a golden glove.
He might be crying for the scars in his spirit cut deep ,
That makes him toss and turn in his sleep.
He might be crying for not knowing what is right,
Or wanting to do something even if his psyche puts up a fight.
He might be crying for silence,
Or for the want of a crowd.
But cry as he might he is not weak.
Don't you dare call him a freak.
If you can, give him a shoulder,
Help him vent out, climb the boulder.
For he needs not criticism, he is not an object of fun.
He is doing all he can not to break into a run,
And burn himself inside the sun.
He will cry now but he will be back.
He might be shaken ,he might be calm,
He might not hold the solution in his palm,
But his weight is gone and his heart is alive,
He feels clear in his head like after a long drive.
He will now work like he wanted,
Because he knows, nothing he wants is for free- granted.
For all mortals who think crying is cowardly,
Its better to cry than kill yourself inwardly!
All you need is more strength,
To help you cover extra lenghts.
You cannot do it when your heart is heavy-
Quit pretending you are cool and you are savvy.
Because its ok to cry and let your anguish fly,
Never make fun of a person who cries
Because now you know it makes him live before he dies!

Friday, June 15, 2007

my best buddy

ah! well...look who's here..well hello every1 out there! this is another novice makin' her entry into d blogger's ok cut d crap...fine..i thot i'll start off on a gud note..i love making friends 'n u have 2 hear abt my best buddy.. i was talking 2 my best buddy 2day.i was telling him abt my life, the years i've come thro' after my school life..d way it wasnt gud as i had expected, d way i still managed 2 find some friends, i went on 'n on abt many things. he just let me talk.never interrupted.he was patient with my constant chatter so much so that he didnt even bother abt d bunch of bees fighting around him! he is sweet lemme tell u 'n has a pleasant lush face.he is extremely tall (a fact that i envy) 'n muscular (ahem!). he's always got a bunch of flowers for me 'n if not that a hearty laughter! that is something i love abt him. his laugh wld not mock at u or run into ur veins 'n activate ur lachrymals. it will b as if 2 say "oh! my dear kiddo!". it was a fatherly gesture that i found myself comfy with. i saw him first when we moved into my dad's office quarters. we both became friends instantly.something abt him struck me 'natural'. when with him u wldnt run around for breath. i cld see him at his place from my window 'n he was always an early riser. his scented early morning greeting was something that i never missed. he wasnt that active on d ground so when i wld run abt 'n play he wld just sit back 'n enjoy.when i did well he wld applaud 'n when i goofed up 'n turned an embarrassed face at him he wld chuckle 'n let it pass! i've always found him comforting..i used 2 sit with him when i prepared for my exams 'n he wld maintain a tart silence. the ambience always made me feel intelligent. when i needed 2 relax he wld become light hearted 'n we wld chat for sometime. i always felt he was more closer 2 god than i wld request him to pray for me 'n shuttle out for my exams. he's been there for me every moment.when i cried he wld surround me with his love 'n i wld get pacified instantly. when i laughed he wld join me 'n that always shook him up completely! there wld b tears of joy like dew drops in his eyes. i used 2 wonder if the happiness was originally mine. i've moved out of the quarters now but he's still there. he's quite attached to that place. he still loves me 'n whenever i go over he'll b d first 1 2 welcome me. 'n d 'ol story wld begin again! there were numerous times when we've been together 'n i've felt the peace in him flow thro' me. not 2 worry. he'll be there as long as i'm here. he's sure 2 b around for another 100-150 years....ya.what?..uh! oh! well..u r wondering my best buddy is a eucalyptus tree!! honestly! wat were u expecting???!

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